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Mormonism Exposed #4-Can Thomas S. Monson & M. Russell Ballard Really Control The Rain?!!

DOWNLOAD MP3 The current MORmON PRophet of fraud, Thomas S. Monson, ridiculously claims that he stopped the rain from falling in Brazil, when he said the following: “My dear brothers and sisters, the past six months since last we met seem to have flown by. Much has transpired as the work of the Lord has moved forward […]


Mormonism Exposed #3-Should Marie Osmond Be Excommunicated?!!(Part 2)

DOWNLOAD MP3 I will finish this post later tonight..thanks!!


Mormonism Exposed #2-Should Marie Osmond Be Excommunicated?!!(Part 1)

DOWNLOAD MP3 This blog post will be completed later tonight…thanks!!


Mormonism Exposed #1-Debating Eric The Evangelical

  DOWNLOAD MP3 Below are the two audio clips that are repeatedly discussed during our above debate which took place on Skype. Eric publicly challenged me to reveal the voicemail below(which he swore didn’t exist, calling my bluff), where he said that people would go to my site to “get off”(masturbate). He claims that girls […]