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Mormonism Exposed #1-Debating Eric The Evangelical



Below are the two audio clips that are repeatedly discussed during our above debate which took place on Skype. Eric publicly challenged me to reveal the voicemail below(which he swore didn’t exist, calling my bluff), where he said that people would go to my site to “get off”(masturbate). He claims that girls wearing bikinis is flat-out pornography, even quoting the Greek…LOL!!

He flat out called me a liar, in a big way and so I was forced to embarrass and humiliate him and release his voicemail(which I really didn’t want to do, as you’ll hear in the debate); in order to expose the fact that this fanatical Christian Eric Hoffman was indeed the liar, not me. I really tried to give him a way out and even offered to send the clip to him first, which he wanted no part of, while still claiming that he never said it and that I was a liar.

Of course he never admitted to it, even after I released his voicemail to the world(which was downloaded thousands of times), proving that he was the liar and he NEVER even apologized to me. Currently his podcast is off of iTunes and he appears to have faded into nothingness with his Jesus, that condemns everyone in the world to burn in hell, if they don’t believe exactly what he does. I expect to hear from some of his cronies like Aaron, who are still out there peddling their brand of bullshit, hate and condemnation, all in the name of their all in one God/Jesus.


Eric condemning everyone with a blanket!


Erics Voicemails to me July-August 2006

I look forward to everyone’s comments,

Samuel the Utahnite

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