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Mormonism Exposed #7-Discussing Various Mormon Topics With Demon of Kolob

One of the things that Demon and I talk about in the beginning of this podcast, is how YouTube keeps deleting our accounts and the accounts of ANY Ex-Mormon(me, Demon, Paul, Galatians, etc) who is exposing the TRUTH about the damn cult…without ANY notification whatsoever. One minute your account is there, the next minute it is gone, with no explanation. I mentioned that I don’t think they’re affraid of the MORmON cult or their threats and Demon mentioned is was most likely a monetary arrangement.
YouTube Advertisements Of The Cult!!

I also believe that a MORmON must be working high up at YouTube to allow what is happening. The allow terrorist recruiting videos to stay on for months, but can handle videos that point out the TRUTH about MORmONS? Yeah, something is very wrong and we’re exposing it!!

Well, as I browsed YouTube today, the following popped up on a page that had NOTHING to do with the church and I’ve posted a picture above, proving that it is indeed a financial arrangement with the cult. By the way, the links from the ad led to the MORmON cult Hierarchy’s YouTube page, in case you were wondering. I guess until us Ex-Mormons have enought money to fight back and exceed their advertising; we can expect to continue to be deleted regularly, by the payoffs of the cult, in the form of advertising and who knows how much other money may be exchanged under the table.

The MORmON cult leaders will do literally anything to get rid of us, because we’re destroying their bottom line daily and they’re feeling the PAIN!!

Here is Demon of Kolob’s video where he describes what goes on inside the MORmON temple and what his experience was like:


Here is a link to the story on the BBC.

In this podcast we do talk about masturbation and the MORmON cult hierarchy’s obsession with it…specifically Spencer W. KimBALLS, who was probably the biggest and sickest MORmON perverts/PRophet since the serial adulterer, child rapist and pedophile Joseph Smith, who was MORmON’s 1st PRophet that they praise in song when they sing “PRAISE TO THE MAN.” It really makes me sick!! Brigham Young is also included in that same group of perverts and real sickos!!

In KimBALL’s Miracle Of Forgiveness(scroll down to chapter 6 and start reading…warning…get out the vomit bag)…he states that guys start out masturbating, which then leads to circle jerks(group masturbation with other men), which then leads to full blown homosexuality(which he calls “the abominable and detestable crime against nature”), which then naturally leads to bestiality…WTF?!! What kind of sick, perverted and twisted S.O.B. would come up with that thesis and where would it come from? HIS OWN SICK AND DEMENTED MIND!!

It’s my personal opinion that KimBALLs was describing himself and his life and personally experienced every perversion that he spoke of and probably was homosexual and deeply into bestiality and blaimed masturbation for all of it. Like I said…he’s one sick bastard!! Nobody hated homsexuals and condemned them more than KimBALL’s!!

Oh, by the way, they have a tribute to KimBALLs and his vile book over at the church’s official history museum, right across the street from the MORmON’s Vatican…temple square.

We also talked about the tragic death of Kip Eliason. I also dedicated my “BETTER OFF DEAD” video to Kip Eliason, which I’ll post at the bottom of this post and it’s also on my main welcome page in the comments and posted on my YouTube account.

In the 1960s, MORmON ASSpostHOLE Mark E. Peterson(the racist bastard) even wrote a pamphlet entitled “STEPS IN OVERCOMING MASTURBATION.” I thought you all might enjoy reading that and seeing just how insane these MORmON leaders truly are and how they could lead someone to suicide, if they took it seriously, which many do. They used to hand it out to ALL of their missionaries upon entering the mission field.

I’ll probably do a podcast on this at some point, to make sure that EVERYONE knows about it. It’s so absurd it’s tragic and funny at the same time, which you’ll understand when you read it and see what they suggest, to help missionaries stop masturbating.

We also talked about our missions a little bit(we’ll be doing another podcast on just missions) and KimBALLs horrific “Lock Your Heart” bullshit pamphlet, which is handed out in the MTC to ALL MISSIONARIES!! I got one, Demon got one and I’ve confirmed from recent missionary blogs that they are still handing it out as I speak. It just again shows what a freak and pervert Kimballs was and why they loved him so much. 

Also, we mentioned Thomas S. Monson and a birthday cake incident(scroll down to Tom Monson Takes the Cake), which caused him to go absolutely ballistic, along with the entire First Presidency!! This should give everyone a little incite into the personality of the beloved MORmON PRophet of fraud Thomas S. Monson and his counselors. Also, for those that haven’t read or listened to Monson’s story about the little paper boy who killed himself(feel free to add to the 87 comments that are already there)…I suggest you head on over to my blog and check it out. I promise you’ll feel differently about him if you currenlty “LOVE HIM” but haven’t heard this truly tragic story, which he spins into a “aren’t I just so wonderful” bullshit!!

I may have missed some links that I promised, as Demon and I covered a lot of ground. If I missed something, let me know or if I discover links that I missed, I’ll come back and post them. Be sure to check out my welcome page comment section, where I’ve added the very controversial clip from HBO’s Big Love, showing the MORmON temple ceremony. Demon couldn’t post it for more than a day on YouTube without it being deleted…because the MORmON Hierarchy is TERRIFIED of people seeing what freaks they really are and that they’re truly a cult!! I thought you guys would really enjoy that. It’s also posted on the most current post on my blog. Send the links to everyone you know, so that they can see it too.

Here is my “BETTER OFF DEAD” video:

Take care and I hope you enjoyed the podcast and all of the links, as there is a lot to digest here in this post and podcast. Thanks again Demon for all of your hard work and studies and for your time to make this podcast. I can’t wait to have you back again and again!!

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Samuel the Utahnite

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