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Mormonism Exposed #9-Demon & Working For The Mormon Cult!!

This is a great interview with Demon of Kolob, where he describes what it was like working directly for the Mormon cult, in the church office building..or better known as “The Great & Spacious Building” by Ex-Mormons. He describes the descrimination he experienced since he was one of the only males working in his department, along with how they royally screwed up the recording of temple ordinances for years, of the dead(which they pretend are so important), by implementing a failed computer system that wasn’t even close to ready.

They were too damn cheap to do things right, proving that they really don’t care about the ordinances of the dead, like the proclaim to do.

Demon mentions that the 2 most feared people in the church office building are Boyd K. Packer(which should come as no surprise) & the current MORmON PRophet of fraud..Thomas S. Monson.

We discuss other miscellaneous things!

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Mormonism Exposed #9-Demon & Working For The Mormon Cult!!, 3.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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1 comment to Mormonism Exposed #9-Demon & Working For The Mormon Cult!!

  • mzcariadams

    Oh man…. I just found your site and can’t find any way to contact you… I’ve read some things on your site: STAY ANNONOMOUS!! Jeez – people are crazy when it comes to religion… I wish, unfortunatly, that I could continue to live in that haze of false hope/faith… but, alas, I have a brain that fully enjoys learning and continuing my personal evolution. Anywho, I am creating a list of companies, agencies and products that i’m going to pass around all over the state of California (I own a company that contracts with most of the counties in the state, so I drive all over) and I’d like to continue to pass around this list to boycott these co, agencies, etc… I’ve just started to make my list and OMG it’s already huge… what with the lds owned companies, companies/agencies that are owned by mormon members,subsidiaries, etc. Do you have a list like this handy or know of a website where i can obtain one to continue MY list?????? Please help!!!!

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