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I called up the Polynesian Cultural Center(PCC) in Laie, Hawaii in order to verify that they do indeed serve caffeinated black coffee(and caffeinated Pepsi, which can’t be found on BYU’s campus), since everyone has called me a liar!! When I say “everyone”, I’m of course referring to MORmONS & MORmON apologists!!

Black caffeinated coffee is being served by BYU-Hawaii students 6 days a week & 100% violates their so called “Word of Wisdom!” I’ve been there myself folks & I’ve seen it on the menu & I’ve included the picture above & here’s the link to their current menu, so that anyone can look it up online as verification that I’m telling THE TRUTH & NOT LYING & I strongly encourage you to do it! It’s located towards the bottom of the page I just linked to.





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