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These great first 4 videos come from Demon of Kolob,  when he was visiting The Mormons Mountain Meadows Massacre site on Pioneer Day, July 24, 2013, paying tribute to the estimated 120 men, women, children & babies that were brutally slaughtered(& their bodies left to rot in the sun & be savaged by wild animals!) by Mormon Leaders for their “God” and “PRophet.” What a great tragedy & they’ve never even apologized for it, paid any reparations(for their lives & all of the wagons, cattle, horses & supplies stolen) & have even defiantly & proudly kept the bones from the descendants. This is a travesty & they must be held accountable for their actions.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(THE MORmONS) is simply a cult, masquerading as a church that has committed atrocities!!! Most members that discover Mountain Meadows, then proudly go on to defend, justify, rationalize & therefore embrace the MASS MURDER OF INNOCENTS by MORMON LEADERS because “THE CHURCH IS TRUE”, NO MATTER WHAT!

This page exists to educate the uninformed & fully expose the Mormon Leaders participation & execution of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, of which there is NO DOUBT, based on the TRUTH, FACTS & EVIDENCE. Mormon Leaders have demanded an apology for many things from others, especially the extermination order against them by Governor Boggs, which they finally, officially got from the state of Illinois, yet REFUSE to apologize for their horrific actions & terrorism in the massacre of 120 innocents. Anyone see a problem with this? Good to see that they’re carefully following the same steps in the repentance process that they demand of their sheep members, right? WE are holding them accountable for their atrocities!!

‘Oh yeah, that’s right, the rules don’t apply to MORmON Leaders or any rich & famous Mormons..a clear double standard & 2 separate sets of rules, as we’ve thoroughly covered in our podcasts.

Thank you Demon for these powerful videos, that should cause EVERYONE to ponder what happened there, the tragedy of Mountain Meadows.





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