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This page is dedicated to the rock band FREAKHOUSE, who is providing my intro and ending music for each podcast. As I said in the 2nd podcast, these guys kick ass and I wanted to thank them once again for allowing me to use their music.

This song that I’m using, “LIARS Inc.” is 100% PERFECT for my exposing of the cult or LDS/MORmON Inc who is really, always has been and always will be “LIARS, INC.!!

Here are some links for everyone to check them out and find their music:

Here is the main website for Freakhouse:

Freakhouse on MySpace

Here is a link to a great interview they did.

You can buy their newest album on iTunes, entitled “Freakhouse.”

You can also follow them on Twitter.

Here is the official video of “Liars, Inc:”

Here are the lyrics of “Liars, Inc.”

It has to say your name
How could you do this then walk away
And then you see that all your lies
They are alive inside of you
Because you still believe

Cost you everything
Because you still believe
That you can rule the world
Lost inside your mind
Is the only thing
That shall set you free

You pushed me to the edge
I see you change in so many ways
And where I am it’s hard to breathe
You know that I can always see
Through you


Isn’t it strange how the little things
About you move the way it used to be
Everthing changes…


And it cost you everything
And it cost you everything
Because you still believe
And it has to say your name

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