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Mormonism Exposed #8-Does The Mormon Hierarchy Really Need Your Gold Dental Work & Bridges To Build Temples?!!

DOWNLOAD MP3 Here are the many links I promised in the podcast: Jan 15,1897- Apostle Brigham Young, Jr. temporarily resigns as vice-president of Brigham Young Trust Company because first counselor George Q. Cannon allows its property to become “a first class” brothel on Commercial Street (now Regent Street), Salt Lake City. Apostle Heber J. Grant […]


Mormonism Exposed #7-Discussing Various Mormon Topics With Demon of Kolob

DOWNLOAD MP3 One of the things that Demon and I talk about in the beginning of this podcast, is how YouTube keeps deleting our accounts and the accounts of ANY Ex-Mormon(me, Demon, Paul, Galatians, etc) who is exposing the TRUTH about the damn cult…without ANY notification whatsoever. One minute your account is there, the next […]


Mormonism Exposed #6-My Interview With The Ex-Mormon Lyndon Lamborn-Part 2

DOWNLOAD MP3 “When I first confronted my bishop about my findings and questions, he immediately went into ‘damage control’ mode. I mentioned in confidentiality that I had been discussing the issues with my brothers. The following week, my bishop had contacted the bishops of ALL my brothers, and they each received a visit from the […]


Mormonism Exposed #3-Should Marie Osmond Be Excommunicated?!!(Part 2)

DOWNLOAD MP3 I will finish this post later tonight..thanks!!


Mormonism Exposed #2-Should Marie Osmond Be Excommunicated?!!(Part 1)

DOWNLOAD MP3 This blog post will be completed later tonight…thanks!!


Mormonism Exposed #1-Debating Eric The Evangelical

  DOWNLOAD MP3 Below are the two audio clips that are repeatedly discussed during our above debate which took place on Skype. Eric publicly challenged me to reveal the voicemail below(which he swore didn’t exist, calling my bluff), where he said that people would go to my site to “get off”(masturbate). He claims that girls […]